Thank You 2022


Today is always a day that comes with so many emotions. I didn’t write this post in advance to share, i am writing it today, December 31, 2022.

Like everyone, this last year has come with incredibles highs and some really hard lows. Doesn’t every year feel like that though ?! I think that it gets harder and harder every year, with social media at the forefront of our lives, to show ALL the things.

Some people don’t even have social media, can you even believe that ?! I sometimes envy them and the simplicity of living a life NOT online … BUT, i happen to love the community that has been built here over time, and while i occasionally take a little step back from the screen, i am so grateful for the connections i have with all of you.


My company began in a tiny house in 2006 and today it is back in a house, our house. My family’s home. It certainly feels full circle some days, and I feel VERY fortunate to have a family, and business community that continues to support the choices that i make for me and my company.


Over the past year we opened up my workshop to you all, and hosted some fabulous classes where SO much creativity happened and I can’t wait to host more of you in the coming months !!


We created more than (50) new Digital Cut File designs for you all to use in your creative projects.  It is SO fun to see things that we designed being shared all over North America !!

What a goal that has been and to watch it come to life is so cool, so thank you to all who have purchased these designs !

I taught (9) UYOP Virtual Workshops that included (45) NEW sketches and (90) NEW layouts to inspire you … this class is such a labour of love for me, and has been since 2009. I am thrilled that you all still love it so much !

We were hired to work with Creative Scrapbooker Magazine to create monthly sketches for their community !


I was asked to design for their cover (3) times AND also had my work featured on the cover for their Fall 2021 Issue (what a thrill !) … as well as having multiple layouts printed throughout the pages of other issues during the year !!

I took my ‘show on the road’ and showcased some of what we do at Jennifer Edwardson Creative Inc. at summer markets throughout Vancouver Island !!

I was asked to teach monthly Paint / DIY Workshops for the Restore in Nanaimo, BC … more opportunities to share my love of re-imagined furniture is always a good day for me !!

I began taking on Custom Projects and was so happy to have been able to work one on one with clients to re-imagine their furniture pieces. I can’t tell you how much i love this part of what i do and am really looking forward to accepting more in the coming year.

We were able to incorporate ALL Fusion products into our company and are so proud to be a Full Line Stockist of these incredible DIY products. In addition to retailing the supplies, I have added countless hours of education to my resume to be able to teach you with confidence and i can’t wait to bring so many more of you into the DIY world in the coming year with the addition of my NEW Virtual Paint Workshops !!

We finally started using our laser for the company and now are able to offer you SO. MANY. MORE creative projects … this has me SO excited for 2023 !! The ideas are flowing fast …

AND … i became the Director for the first Wine Women & Well-Being Branch on Vancouver Island ! I host monthly events in Victoria, where women can get out and connect, learn and inspire each other !!

PHEWWWFFF … no wonder i’m so tired LOL !!!


On a personal note, in 2022 we continued to recover from Alex’s surgery in 2021, and on April 22, 2022, we celebrated one full year post op. There were a few bumps in the road, but reaching the first year milestone was a big deal and we count our blessings daily that he is still in good health.  With (2) clean scans this year, we are excited to watch him head in 2023, his grad year, with a new feeling of confidence and being able to see his future !!


Emma has continued to amaze me with all she fits into a day/week/month … she added a law minor to her undergraduate degree and will complete that prior to heading into her Masters of Psychology. She continues to ride and compete full time with (2) of her (4) horses and accepted a fabulous part time position with an amazing Canadian and Women Owned company too !

It was Scott’s 50th Birthday this year and I compiled messages and photos from family and friends into an album to celebrate him !! We also celebrated our 24th Anniversary in August … to think that I was Emma’s age when he asked me to marry him is kind of crazy really !!

It hasn’t always been easy, and these last 5 years have given us SO many health challenges for him and Alex, but we’ve managed to work through it all together and find all the good things we have in our life, to keep us going … we are preparing ourselves mentally and emotionally (and Scott physically) for another tough year ahead with his health as he moves toward, what we hope to be, his last major surgery for a good long time !!


As i sit here in my quiet studio, with the little dogs sleeping on the chair beside me, I am reminded that I need to clean this space before I start back to work next week LOL … AND that i am really happy that we’ve worked so hard to get to a place where i can do what i love from the home that we’ve built over time, while continuing to be the Mom and wife that that i want to be …

So to my family i say thank you for another year of memories, i love you with all my heart and am thankful every day for each of you.

To my friends, thank you for the long catch up calls and random texts, i love you all for so many things, but mostly for still being there as if no time has passed, even if too much time has passed between calls.

To all of you in this amazing community that we continue to build every day, thank you all so much for letting me share my days with you. It is such a highlight for me, every day, to connect with other women. You bring me joy, laughter and more strength than you realize, just by being here with me. Thank you.

I wish so much love, adventure, joy and strength to you all in 2023 … HERE WE GO !!

j. XOX


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  1. Emma Edwardson says:

    What a memorable year Cheers to 2023

  2. Scott Edwardson says:

    Thank you for working so hard and creatively for us! This is a beautiful, warm space and I cant wait to see 2023 as well!

  3. You put so much heart and soul into all you do. Wishing you and family the best for 2023!

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