Bedside Tables

Beautiful Bedside Tables

OK … truth. These Bedside Tables went on a journey with me !!

They were given to me in their original, beat up, needed a whole lotta love condition (as most older pieces are) and I got to work … and then worked some more … and some more … and some more again LOL !!

SIDE NOTE: our little dogs LOVE when I lay a carpet down and no matter where it is, they sleep on it … including in the shop !!


I started by sanding the top off of one to see what I was working with in terms of wood and could I have a mix of stain and paint on them … the quick answer was nope. The wood wasn’t in good enough shape to be able to get smooth and even enough to stain (insert crying emoji) … but I knew that I wanted to do a tissue paper treatment on the outside edges and inside of the drawers … so I did that first to make myself feel better about having to paint the top !!


Rose Water is the FINAL paint color … but it wasn’t the first  !! I LOVE Laurentian … it is a beautiful soft green, but when I added it to these tables, combined with the floral tissue drawers, it was just too much and I knew I needed to start over …

That meant STRIPPING … the tables not me ;))

I have used a few paint stripping products, but don’t love them so I haven’t shared them here … I am currently waiting for my Stripwell QCS to arrive from the US as the reviews are exceptional … so once it arrives i will try it and report back to you !!


Once I had the paint stripped and did a little re-sanding I was able to start again with my fave part (yes, the actual painting is my fave :)) … I chose Rose Water this time and it was SOOOO the right choice !! Only once pass with my brush and I knew she was a winner !!



I find myself reaching for my Staalmeester Oval #45 brush OFTEN … she is a big girl but I love her !! The way she holds the paint and distributes it beautifully over my project, makes me SO happy !! She will be the perfect addition to your tool box !!

I also LOVE a Pointed Sash … this little girl is dainty and she gets the paint into the spots you feel like you can’t reach with a round or oval brush OR a roller !! You’ll love her … she is a must have in your paint supplies !!


If you are going to make the investment in your high end pro brushes … you MUST order this Brush Cleaner too !! By using this fabulous conditioning product, you will be ensuring the longevity of the tools you are investing in.

If you take good care of your tools, they will take good care of you and you will enjoy them for many years to come !!

One of my most fave ways to upgrade a project is to line the drawers and sometimes the sides too !

This is SO easy to do using patterned tissue paper and Fusion Decoupage and Transfer Gel !! This product is one of my most faves that Fusion created … you can do SO much with it on any project !!


We all want a nice smooth finish right ?! Combined tools and techniques are the way to achieve these results … this combo is a must have for me when I’m creating !

One of my very last steps in the painting process is to roll the top (and all the flat sides and edges) … this is my fave roller set-up !! A long Roller Arm and these high quality Staalmeester Rollers … the perfect pairing !!


When you paint a piece, you will find that you want / need multiple different tools to achieve the finish that you desire … IE: smooth, no brush strokes, chipped, crackled etc … that is where the different brushes (that i mentioned above) and rollers … sanding in between layers of paint etc … all come into play !!

IT IS A PROCESS … learning something new, and you will find you are ALWAYS going to learn something new, no matter how much you know already !!!



There you have it !! These pretty girls are ready for their forever home … you can purchase them HERE and then come on over to pick them up !!

(Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer shipping on furniture, but can offer delivery for a fee. Contact for pricing before purchase)

Have a wonderful Thursday creative friends !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX



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