Sideboard Shift – Featuring ASH

When I found this piece, I immediately fell in love with the sheer size of it. She was long and sleek and I could see her beauty, even through all the brokenness of her !

There was A LOT of damage and she had seen some weather, which wasn’t ideal, but I still wanted to see if I could bring her back to life …

There were a couple of corners missing and chipped so I needed to build those back up. There were so many spots that had lifting veneer and the tracks for the sliding doors were damaged as well.

First up was a good clean. I used TSP Alternative and sprayed her down inside and out. She also needed a good vacuum prior to building up her corners and starting on all the repairs.

For most projects, Wood Filler is the best option, but for building up corners and larger repairs, i really like to use Bondo.

It is toxic and has a strong odour, so I wear gloves and a mask and you must work fast as it dries very quickly ! I mix small amounts at a time to cut down on waste.

To build up a corner, add wide painters tape where you want the corner to be built out to and then fill in that space using Bondo. It dries fast and HARD … and is the perfect medium to use for this job. Once it is dry, remove the tape and sand down to flat edges as desired.

Once you have it sanded to the shape you want, I clean that space again to remove any remaining dust etc …

This piece had SO many spots where the veneer was lifting. My fave way to fix this is using wood glue applied using small syringes and holding them in place with my most favourite clamps until the glue has dried. Sand off any excess dried glue and then wipe down using TSP Alternative one last time before paint !

This sideboard was really dark brown and I wanted to make her sleek in her new life, so I chose ASH by Fusion Mineral Paint. It is a really rich and deep charcoal and was perfect for the lines of this girl !

I took all the doors off and pulled the tracks out as well. I did a really good sanding over her when I fixed the corners so that any rough spots were gone … I used my fave Pointed Sash Brush by Staalmeester to get into all the corners before using a Staalmeester Roller to cover all the flat sides and top.

The first coat went on really well, and after a light sand, I added a second (and final) coat to all the surfaces !

I decided to paint the legs in ASH as well, rather than sanding and staining. I love the clean lines of this piece and decided to add some dimension with floral wallpaper on a new backer and inside the drawers !

One of the easiest and most inexpensive upgrades to pieces of furniture with backers, is to CHANGE THEM !!

More often than not, the backers are really well used and / or damaged. You can gently remove them and they can easily be replaced for just a few dollars from most lumber yards / hardware stores ! My local Windsor Plywood is fabulous and they cut them to size for me which is so much nicer than bringing home a full sheet and cutting them to size at home !

Once I have my piece to size, I lay it down and adhere peel n stick wallpaper before re-applying it to the back of my piece !

This worked so well on this sideboard, as each time you slide a door open you can see this beautiful pattern behind what is inside on the shelves. Such a nice touch !

Sometimes you get lucky and the inside of the drawers are in beautiful condition that you can just treat with Furniture Wax or Beeswax … but if they aren’t, lining them in the same wallpaper as the backer is the most lovely choice … it is such a nice surprise to open a drawer and see a pretty pattern like this !

One of the things that I like the most about this piece is how long she is. It gives me a chance to really style the top depending on where she will live in my home !

Because I knew that the top of this piece would be seeing A LOT of use, I added a coat of EBONY Stain & Finishing Oil.

I like to paint it on using a foam brush, let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then wipe back the excess ! One coat gives a little sheen, and subsequent coats add even more shine !!

All the little details of this sideboard are so old school and vintage and they make me so happy !

They seem to be becoming a thing of the past. People tend to move them out of their homes because they don’t work in their new modern spaces. It’s amazing what some paint and a little love can do …

I challenge you to take a chance on a piece of furniture that you think could use some love. It could be something you found or have been given, or even one that is currently in your home.

However it has come to you, take a chance on giving it new life … it is amazing what some time and patience can do !

… and if you don’t know where to start, just ask !

I would be thrilled to teach you how to Paint Your Own Piece … or I can create a Custom Furniture piece for you !

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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