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 Make Your Project Mobile by Jennifer Edwardson

One of the BEST things I did right at the very start of my painting journey was purchasing Furniture Dolly’s !!!

You may think ‘I don’t need those’ or ‘this is just a one time thing’ etc … but I promise you, these little happy helpers will be one of your fave things EVER !!

Making your project mobile is a MASSIVE time saver when you are working through the steps of re-imagining a piece of furniture, as you will need to rotate it SO. MANY. TIMES. through the process and putting it on wheels will save your sanity !!

Hardwood Movers / Dolly 

There are SO many choices on the market (and price points) … but I am sharing my fave way and also the ones i built (because it’s SUPER easy to make them yourself too) !!

These ones from Amazon are great (I don’t have this exact set) …. BUT I am pretty handy and always have lots of scrap wood laying around so I actually built several of my own to the sizes that I knew I would use the most !

I have (2) of this size … it is roughly 2 x 3 feet and was SO easy to build.  Just a scrap piece of plywood (literally didn’t even cut it just used the size that it was) … and (4) wheels !

These are my fave wheels (castors)  … they’re super heavy duty and will likely be the priciest part of this dolly build, but totally worth the investment.

There are SO many to choose from and you’ll figure out the size and style that’s best for you !!

You know how when you go to the grocery store and you seem to always choose the cart with the wonky wheels and you curse it every time you have to move through the aisles and it wants to go sideways ?!  Well, that is how I feel about wonky workshop wheels … it drives me bananas so I always invest in these super duper sturdy ones.  I choose (1) locking and (3) non-locking and ALWAYS get the swivel ones too … you’ll thank me, promise !!

This one is prob my most fave because of it’s size a durability … it is approx. 4 x 6 feet and I built it reinforced with 2 x 4’s underneath along all sides and one in the middle for added support !

I wanted a larger rolling platform for dressers etc … and this one has (6) wheels (2 of them are locking – one at each end) and it is AWESOME !!

Furniture Mover & Lifter Kit 

This little set is FABULOUS and I actually have (3) sets because I use them so often for smaller projects !

NOW … while I do love them, they don’t work well for straight bottoms / edges … they have a dip in the centre which is PERFECT for legs (table legs, chair legs, end table legs etc …) BUT … they can be tricky when trying to use them for other pieces which is why I LOVE the flat wooden rollers that I built above !!

Honestly, I love just above anything on wheels LOL … Scott and I put SO much on wheels in both my workshop and his garage … being able to easily move pieces around makes life SO much easier … and for someone like me who loves to change things up OFTEN, it is an easy way  to make a move without breaking your back (or your project :))

I sure hope this helps …it’s been a life saver for me !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX





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