Easy Transfers


I am in no way a professional apparel maker … however, i am crafty and this is a super easy project when you have the supplies !!


I purchased a Cricut Heat Press (Easy Press 2) about a year ago with a few projects in mind, and only just started using it recently !

My first crack at it was to create jackets as part of a costume for some friends and I for a themed fundraising Gala … It was Schitt’s Creek and we were going as Federal Agents from the Revenue Agency that siezed their financials in the first episode (cute right) …

I created the jackets from scratch, meaning I designed the transfers and cut them from heat transfer vinyl, cut them using my Cricut and adhered them to the jackets using my Cricut Easy Press … easy and a great first project !!


I knew that I wanted to create a few custom gifts for family and friends this Christmas so i picked up some white pillow covers from IKEA as well as some canvas tote bags and some small canvas zippered pouches too !

Be sure to know the material you’re working with and what you’re adhering the transfer to so that you choose the correct heat setting and time !!


I ordered a few screen printed transfers from a company called RBA Transfers.  They have SO many fun designs and are really easy to use … perfect for my beginner projects !!

This transfer is SO cute and large enough to use on a pillow cover … it went on with a little more heat than suggested, and transferred really well !

ALWAYS wait for your project to cool before removing the protective film or you risk pulling up bits of the image when it’s still warm !!

My heat press is the middle size so isn’t large enough to heat the full sized transfers all at once. I worked on half at a time, making sure to not overlap and subsequently overheat one side of the transfer !!


This holiday themed FRIENDS transfer sold out in minutes, but i am so lucky to have a friend that owns The Late Night Pillow Company (@thelatenightpillowcompany on Instagram) and she was SUPER kind and sent me one of hers !!

Once cool, the protective film peels off really easily !! This t-shirt is for my son, Alex, and i cant wait for him to open it … i think it is just the cutest !!


These little multi coloured trees, also from RBA Transfers, had my heart as soon as i saw them. The shapes and colors are just so cute and they are perfect for these small zipped pouches !!

They are roughly 4 1/2 x 7” and fit pens, pencils, makeup … basically anything on the small-ish side that you want to tuck into these little bags of cuteness !!

I can’t wait to gift these to my girlfriends with some treats inside …

That really is all there is to it … its not hard, just a little patience required !!

Happy Crafting Friends … Until Next Time !!

j. XOX


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