One Year Ago Today

REMEMBERING Dec. 28, 2021

Do you ever look back through all the photos you take ?! Having our phones with us all the time and taking SO many photos (which is great) do you ever go back and really look through all the pictures and relive the memories ?!

As a paper crafter, and our family’s memory keeper, I am always digging through photos from different occasions and events to add into the pages of our albums … but I don’t often look back to the same day, one year ago !


For the last four years, Emma (my now 22 yr old daughter) has travelled south to either Florida or California with her horses. Last year she went to visit her then boyfriend, and they vacationed at Disneyworld and Universal Studios !!

I am selfishly thrilled that that her university degree required her study in person for her Winter semester this year, as she is currently here at home with us on Vancouver Island for an extended break of a little more than 2 weeks … i am loving every minute of it as i know it may not happen again for quite some time LOL !!


Alex is a hardcore skier and is up the mountain at EVERY opportunity … he didn’t have his license at this time last year, so Scott drove him and his buddies up for the day.


None of us can keep up to Alex on the slopes, so Scott took up snow shoeing a few years back and spent this day last year exploring Mt. Washington. The views are incredible on a clear day and i love that he will take photos like this !!



Someone needed to stay home to be with the dogs, and I was happy to be that person (i don’t love the cold to be honest LOL) … i was SUPER excited to clean my studio !!

LOOK AT THAT TABLE !!!! I promise you that it does NOT look like this today … but it is on my TO DO list !!


These are the views that we had at home on December 28th, 2021 … The sunrise was stunning and had the boys excited to get up the mountain. We have a lot of windows at the back of our home and i LOVE that i get some much natural light no matter what room i am in throughout the day !


We still had snow on this day last year … and today we do not !!

DECEMBER 28, 2022

This photo was taken this morning when i woke up … you’d never have know we’ve been covered in snow for the last 10 days !!

I hope that wherever you are, you take a few minutes to look back at where you were one year ago today … it’s so fun to remember the memories you make !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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