West Coast Women Co.

WCW Events

Having spent time hosting events in many spaces since opening my company in 2006, I thrive on time spent with women.

While living in Calgary from 2014 – 2018, I was fortunate to have been able to become a part of an amazing group of highly driven women who worked hard to build community every day !

Having been involved with various large scale fundraising events and galas during this time, I was feeling a strong pull to create this community at home on Vancouver Island, after my family relocated in 2018.

Wine Women & Well-Being was founded in Calgary pre-Covid by Lisa Webb. Her goal was to bring like-minded women together to share a space that allowed everyone to connect, grow and be inspired. I became the Director of Wine Women & Well-Being Victoria in July of 2022, and began hosting events for women to connect each month on Southern Vancouver Island.

In June of 2024, WWWB changed ownership and I made the decision to re-brand my branch and create a new division in my company, Jennifer Edwardson Creative Inc.

My desire to continue bringing women together to connect, grow and inspire each other is strong …

INTRODUCING West Coast Women Co. You will find that only the name (and branding) has changed … you’ll continue to enjoy the same warm and inviting events that center around female connection, growth and inspiration !

I am so happy you’re here !


West Coast Women Co. focuses heavily on supporting women in business, and I would love to work with you and your company !

If you think that you would be a great fit as a SPEAKER, SPONSOR, POP UP SHOP … or if you would like to CO-HOST an event with me, I would love to connect  !!

EMAIL ME @ jenniferedwardson@me.com

Volunteer Opportunities

Giving Back is a pillar of Jennifer Edwardson Creative, and I have brought that mindset to West Coast Women Co..

Throughout the year, at different events, you can find West Coast Women coming together to help. That may be out in the community, supporting local charitable organizations, or raising funds at our events to give where we can !

If you would like to get on the list of ladies who Give Back, please reach out !

EMAIL Jennifer @ jenniferedwardson@me.com


Get On The List !