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The Right Tool For The Job

Do you remember growing up hearing all about how if you had the right tool for the job it made it so much easier ?! Well, that really is true … while the right tools tend to have a higher price point, it makes a HUGE difference in the end result … and if you tale good care of them, they will stick with you through the years !!

I’m going to share with you some of my fave Paint Tools, why I love them and why you should too !!

First up, The Pointed Sash … this girl is more often than not, my first choice (but don’t tell the others) … the different length of bristles and the way they come to a point (hence her name) make this brush a must for most projects …

The handle is lightweight and rests in my hand very comfortably, making it incredibly easy to get into small, decorative corners as well as under lips and ridges of wood too ! I can’t paint without her .. oh, and she comes in 2 fabulous sizes !!


Next up is this Big Daddy of an Oval Brush … The Oval 40 is another ‘go to’ for me, mostly due to the surface I can cover in just one stroke !

Now, that doesn’t mean slap a whole bunch more paint onto your piece … it simply means that the width of this baby takes your paint further in one brush stroke, and makes for less passes on your piece … which in turn leaves less brush stroke in your finish, and that is always the goal !

Keep in mind though, that this is a larger brush so it is a bit heavier in your hand. This doesn’t bother me much, but is something to consider when choosing your brushes !

OK … this little brother of a brush should be in everyone’s tool kit, The Flat Brush is a total keeper !! It comes in multiple widths that work for several jobs … my fave is the 2” but the 1” is also super for smaller edges and mini jobs on your projects !!

It is lightweight and has a use on almost any DIY you’re working on … and his price point is perfect too !!

NOW … we come to my Queen … she is my go to, grab always, take extra special care of girly girl brush !!  Just like any girl though, she is an investment and she’s not for everyone … but I promise you, once you try her on a piece of furniture, you will never want to let her go !!

The Decorative Spalter is small and dainty and is part of the ONE Series of Staalmeester Brushes … she is made of ultra-fine synthetic bristles and is the softest brush you’ll ever touch … perfect for a smooth and even application to allow for minimal to no brush strokes !!

paint tip Tuesday brush

If you’ve already started to fall in love with my faves … this is the best way to start your collection and save at the same time !!

You can purchase this starter set of Staalmeester brushes that includes some of my above mentioned faves … AND a wax brush that is great for adding Furniture Wax to your projects and also as a dry brush for stencilling !!

paint brush

If you are going to make the investment in these fabulous tools … you need BRUSH CLEANER !! Do not spend the money on these babies and then forget to bath them after you make them work so hard for you …

You can purchase this in (3) different sizes … and I promise you, if you take good care of these tools they will literally last for ever … and if not forever, at least until you don’t DIY anymore !!

REMEMBER … i am always here to help, so if you want more info on what the right brushes are for you … or which one to start with first, just reach out … i am happy to connect and help you build your Painting Toolbox !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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