Washi Tape Organization

Organization makes me REALLY happy  … and my large collection of Washi Tape has been driving me nuts for quite some time !

I love love love washi tape, but it can be tricky to store in a way that is both functional AND beautiful too.

I have had my washi in MANY different places in my creative space over the years, but nothing really stuck … until I found this super cool rolling cart add on accessory !

It shows Washi Tape on one of the arms, but it’s actually advertised as storage for vinyl rolls. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be perfect for my fave rolling cart in my studio !

This is how the majority of my fabulous little rolls of happiness spent most of their lives in my studio. It was not ideal AT ALL !!

I have most of them here and then SO many in hanging bags with their collection. While this may seem like a good decision, I really wasn’t using them as much as I would like, as not have them visible meant that I forgot about them !

I have had the carts from IKEA for years … but last summer I found this YELLOW ONE and my heart skipped a beat … I had to have it in my space !!

It is the perfect color for me AND it has a handle … while you wouldn’t initially think this was a big selling feature, I promise you it is like pockets in a dress … you never knew you needed them until you have them and then you can’t live without them LOL !!

This handle is one of my most fave parts of this cart … i found this one on Amazon HERE !!

OK … back to the Washi Tape !! Just look at how this little rack hangs onto the back on my cart … PERFECTION


This cart is something that I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It is where all my daily tools and supplies live and I LOVE that it is on wheels as I move it around my room with me !

ALL my adhesive is in the top space … and so are all my scissors !

Being able to have my Washi Tape hang on the back of this top shelf is SOOOO handy … truly, this little cart is one of my most favorite things !!

I organized the tapes onto each of the 5 arms into similar colors so that it is easy for my eye to go straight to those colors when I am looking for a roll when creating.

Black, white, grey are the most used in my collection, then into neutrals like kraft colors, yellow and gold. Then into blues and greens, multi colors like stripes and polka dots, and then finally red and pink patterns !


NOW … do not be fooled, this doesn’t hold ALL my tape rolls. It houses 106 of mine and will depend on the widths of your rolls as to how many you will be able to fit on the arms !!

Clearly I have more than 106 rolls LOL … so here are the remaining rolls. I have a sectioned wooden tray that I’ve used for a few different things in my space, and now it has the others …

I have them in colored groups, and this lives on top of one of my desktops so that I can see them easily ! Seriously … I dare you to tell me all this color doesn’t just make you immediately smile !!!!!!

This is the last place that I have Washi Tape … now you might be saying ‘wait, you have it in THREE places’ ?!? Hear me out …

This WRMK Washi Tape holder is FABULOUS. I love it and have had it since it was released a few years back. It sits on my main workspace and I periodically rotate the tapes that I have in it.

It holds 2-3 rolls per section, depending on the width, as you can see here. You can also stack a handful in the center as well … for me currently, I have (23) rolls in it.

I like to keep rolls that I use often in this one so that they are right at my fingertips when I want them !!

I hope that this inspires you to get creative about how you store your pretty little rolls of colorful tape … AND that you come on back in the coming weeks to see all the reorganization that I’m working on in my Creative Studio !!

Oh, and if you end up purchasing any of these products for your own space, be sure to TAG US #jenniferedwardsoncreativeinc in your posts so we can see and share too !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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