Trash To Treasure

A True Transformation

A while back I arrived at a small-ish townhouse to pick up a dresser that i had secured through an online marketplace ad … the dresser was out front as promised and Alex and I started to lift it into the bed of his truck.

Soon after we started, the owner came outside and was super friendly, thanking us for coming to ice it up etc … just as we were about to close the tailgate of the truck, a woman came running out the front door asking us to take this end table too …

It wasn’t in great shape, and needed some serious attention … AND, I really didn’t have a plan for it, but free furniture that needs love ?! COUNT ME IN … again, it was solid wood and good quality so i knew i could work with it … of course I popped this baby into the truck and off we went … I LOVE it when furniture finding is so easy !!

I know I sound alike a broken record … but I will ALWAYS remind you that prep is key in the success of ANY painted project !!

My first step is always a good wipe down with TSP Alternative … it is a safe option to nasty chemical cleaners and removes all the dirt, grime and fingerprints that collect over time !!

Once I had a good clean complete, I did a scuff sand over the entire piece … the finish was rough and broken in most places but did require a primer or Ultra Grip … I used this sanding sponge and in just a few minutes it was good to go !!

Another quick clean, post scuff sand, and this beauty was ready to be transformed !!

Cashmere by Fusion Mineral Paint is one of my fave of the ‘whites’ … it’s so soft and can blend with SO many decor choices in any room !!

I am so thrilled to be able to offer you all of my favourite things from the Fusion Mineral Paint collection in stock, both online AND in store !!

They always say that the right tool for a project makes ALL the difference … and it really is SO true !! I use a mix of brushes and rollers on my furniture … and have a few favourites that i can’t paint without !!

This is one of my most FAVE detail brushes and is absolutely perfect for spots like the inside edges of drawers etc … it’s soft, smooth bristles transfer the paint beautifully to your piece for a flawless finish !!

The way a brush sits in your hand is personal, so if you ever get the chance to come by the shop, you can try them out and decide which are right for you !! They’re an investment, so finding your faves is important …

Decoupage and Transfer Gel is SUCH fun product to work with … and the details are really what makes a reimagined piece become fabulous !!

Adding patterned tissue paper to the outside edges of drawers really elevates the overall look of a DIY project and it is SO easy with the right products … a workshop brush, tissue and Decoupage and Transfer Gel and you are golden !!

While Fusion Mineral Paint has a built in topcoat and is fully cured in 21 days (to touch and light use in 24 hours), there are some instances where an additional protective (or decorative) finish is a nice addition.

One of my go to finishing products is Clear Furniture Wax … it is buttery soft to work with and the smooth feel once applied is (chef’s kiss) !!

I will often clean, paint and re-use the original hardware on a piece if it fits the new overall look, but for this beauty I really wanted an excuse to use these GORGEOUS new gold floral drawer pulls !!

There you have it ….a few easy steps over an afternoon and you have yourself a stunning new piece of furniture for your home !!

REMEMBER … i am always available to help you create these DIY projects on your own at home !!

You can book a time to come into the shop where i can walk you thru the products you’ll need and the steps to learn … it’s not hard, i promise !!

AND … because Fusion Mineral Paint is NO VOC (that means no crummy chemicals), you can paint INSIDE YOUR HOME … no need to have a big space to work … just drop a cloth and get to work !!

ALSO … this stunner is NOW AVAILABLE in our shop for purchase … CLICK HERE for all the dimensions and details …

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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