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How to achieve a smooth finish on your paint projects !

Have you have wondered why you struggle to get that gorgeous, smooth as a baby’s bottom finish on your projects ?!
There are a few steps to getting there, and one of my go to last steps with every projects is a wet sand !!
This is a super easy technique and yields fabulous results in a short amount of time …
Simply use a damp Ultra Fine Sanding Pad in a circular motion over your piece, applying a very light pressure.
for …
You will see a small amount of colour come off on your sponge, but not to worry !! It’s just taking that texture off to give you what you’re looking for.
Use a lint free cloth to gently wipe off any excess water and let it dry … then run your hand over top and get excited at how soft your finish is !!!!
Alternatively, you can use our Fusion Mister and a ultra fine grit sanding paper (i like 2000 or 3000 grit) and achieve the same or similar result !!
Like anything, it can take a few tries to get the result you’re hoping for, but keep at it as I promise you’ll love it !!
j. XOX

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