Living The Quarantine Life

Facebook Live Layout Class November 15, 2020

It is the oddest feeling to say that I love this layout … it is all about COVID and our family’s journey at certain times over the last few months … so it seems odd to say that i love it … but i do !!

I love that it is giving me the opportunity to remember and record things that affected our family so deeply.

Having our son in the UK on a school rugby trip and trying to get the team home early.

Having our daughter in the US riding one of her horses and rushing to get her home in a 24 hour period while her horse stayed in Florida.

Having my husband stuck in Saudi Arabia for almost 9 months.

While this has been such a difficult time in so many ways for every one of us, I am so thankful to also have found so much joy during this time as well …

Being able to stay creative and have connections with you all has meant so much to me … so yes, i do LOVE this layout and i hope you’re loving yours too !!

If you didn’t have the chance to join me live for my class on Sunday morning, you can head over to my page on Facebook (Jennifer Edwardson Creative Inc.) and watch the playback !!


If you would like to create and re-create this page as I have done here, you can click on the Layout 27 link above and print our complimentary Scrap Sheet in PDF format !!

Check back to see my Take Two … which just so happens to be the double page for this one above !!

Talk soon … j. XO


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