Facebook LIVE – Layout 38

‘Roam’ by Jennifer Edwardson

Our oldest child, Emma went on THE most amazing European Adventure at the end of her ‘gap year’ between high school and 1st year of university !

AND … she went by herself !! How amazing is that … 18 years old and off she went !!

Now … while she DID travel alone she actually knew a handful of people there so it made it easier for her to move around from place to place visiting !! She even met up with good friends of ours from Canada, at the end of her trip in London which was very cool … these are some of those pics !!


I’ve been slowly working on pages for her Travel Album … this sketch and Safe Travels Creative Kit were PERFECT for these photos !!


I’ve used this sketch multiple times for different layouts, as the clean design easily lends itself to any product and photos that you want to work with !!

Go ahead and click the link below to download and print our complimentary Scrap Sheet with photos and instructions !! This way, you can use it over and over … remember, twisting and turning our sketches is the only way to go … you’ll be able to quickly create beautiful pages and no one will ever know you used the same sketch as inspiration !!

Scrap Sheet 38

I hope you are having a beautiful day and that you’re able to find some time to get creative !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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