MARCH Calendar of Classes

HOLY SMOKES how is it March 1st already ?!?

This is a tough month mentally, as it is now one year ago that the pandemic really became prevalent and affected our family directly !

It feels a little bit surreal that we are still dealing with it daily and trying to find ‘our new normal’ … hands up if you’re tired of hearing that !!

This month is going to look a teeny tiny bit different on the Class Calendar … there is still LOTS of inspiration coming your way but I am not hosting any Zoom Workshops this month.

Our family is working through some serious medical issues with our son and i don’t want to have to cancel Zoom Workshops that you’ve registered and paid for … BUT i still want to offer you some fun classes … SO there will be NEW ONLINE Workshops that you can purchase that will come with the Instructions, Cut Files and a Video too !

I have some Facebook Live Classes scheduled as well as a couple of evening ‘Let’s Get Crafty’ sessions too … please keep in mind that dates may change depending on doctor visits etc … i hate saying that but I want to be honest about my time in the coming weeks !!

Let’s just keep everything crossed that we can stay on schedule as planned …. be sure to watch my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK accounts for any changes !!

Download printable PDF below

March 2021 Monthly Calendar

Until next time … XOX


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