WOW … 152 years old

Canada Day has ALWAYS been a big deal in our family … for MANY MANY years it was Emma’s most fave holiday, literally … it went Christmas, her birthday and then Canada Day !! So we made a big deal of it …

… this year is a little different. Em is in Calgary working at her most fave horse show, Scott is at work and i am fairly certain they are NOT celebrating Canada’s 152nd Birthday in the middle of the Persian Gulf … and Alex and I are at our home on Vancouver Island !!

To start our Canada Day here, Alex and I are getting ready to head back up the mountain for our 2nd bike ride in three days – for those of you that saw my stories the other day, this time i am wearing padded bike shorts 😉 … then the afternoon in the pool before heading to Victoria for the evening to watch the fireworks !!

While Alex and I are super excited about our day, it is very different from previous Canada Day celebrations with family and friends !! That got me thinking and reminiscing and i was able to dig out some great photos from the past few years and thought I would share them here with you !!


When the Edwardson’s do holidays, we REALLY do holidays and Canada Day is no different … i’ve made some really fun food over the years and this table full was a big hit a couple of years back !!


I think the vanilla cupcakes with cherry butter creme icing were the fave … well, those and the Candy Bar of course … everyone loves a good Candy Bar !!

Now COME ON … how freakin’ cute are the pics i found of my kiddos WAAAAAY back in 2013 !!

I remember making these adorable photo props as a project for Bella Blvd. and Em and Alex thought they were great too … at least that is what they let me believe so that i could get the pics i wanted 😉

Speaking of Bella Blvd.  I was SUPER fortunate to have been a part of their Design Team for several years and i still have most of the pieces i created for my Bella post all the way back in 2012 … that was SO long ago but these super fun patriotic projects still look great on the mantle 7 years later !!


… i loved creating these themed decor pieces and was so happy with how they came together … and i am lucky that they have lasted so many years … though i didn’t decorate for Canada Day this year, i have them tucked away safely for next year …

… if you’d like to see the original post over on the Bella Blog you can check it out HERE

I hope wherever you are and whatever your plans are for today, that you are wearing a little bit of red, eating some yummy food with family and friends and maybe … just maybe you might catch some fireworks tonight !!

Alex and I are excited to do the same … and i will be sure to post all our pics later this week !!

HAPPY 152nd CANADA … i am so lucky and proud to be Canadian

j. XO


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