Bookshelf Before and After

A Beauty of a Bookshelf

How I re-imagined this sad and lonely ‘ol girl into this stunner of a statement piece !!

OK. This project came together SO much more fabulous than I had originally hoped for … sometimes that happens.  You have a plan and then you start creating and then this happens … and it’s amazing !!

Don’t forget to clean

As always, I CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN … I probably sound like a broken record, but I will NEVER stop telling you to CLEAN YOUR PROJECTS with TSP Alternative before you do anything else !!


A little “TSP”

Just a couple capfuls in 1 litre of water, a little swish around, then spray and wipe … you’ll be blown away at just how much comes off your piece, even the ones you think are ‘clean’ … TSP Alternative is the BEST for taking off dirt, grime, grease, fingerprints … all the things !! A bottle will last you a LONG time !! You can order it HERE

Once the bookshelf was cleaned, I started sanding.  While sanding isn’t necessary on most pieces, I wanted to see the wood grain once I got through all the layers of old chipped ‘whatever was used on it’ by it’s previous owner !!

I am SO glad I took the time to do this, as the top was GORGEOUS !!


I absolutely LOVE working with Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil and chose Cappuccino for the top … I always ‘paint’ it on using a foam brush, then let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then wipe back the excess with a clean, lint free cloth !

It’s super easy to work with, the results are amazing and it comes in (6) fabulous colours … you can find them all HERE !!


You all know my love affair with Fusion Mineral Paint runs deep … and I truly have strong feelings about ALL the colours …. and EVERY time I use a colour on a piece that I haven’t used before I get SOOOO excited… the same rang true when I added Lichen to this bookshelf.  IT. IS. SO. PRETTY !!!

A soft green, a little darker than Eucalyptus but not as dark as Bayberry … it’s a must for green paint lovers !!


the “leg poll”

So this original piece din’t have legs but I knew as soon as I dug her out from the pile of old furniture at the thrift shop that she was meant to stand tall and shine all on her own !!

I did a ‘leg poll’ over on my Instagram acct. but everyone kept picking wrong LOL … I just knew these 6″ gold Hairpin Legs were going to be the perfect addition, so I went against the group LOL … and added them and am SO happy that I did !!

(the little white clips are just to project the bottoms of the legs until she gets to her forever home)

add a backer

It is pretty rare that I will leave the original backer on a piece. They are usually pretty banged up and most of the time have holes cut into them for cords and wires etc … from the previous owner. This is a SUPER inexpensive way to upgrade your project and it has maximum impact !!


Before I attached the new backer to the bookshelf,I added this gorgeous peel and stick wallpaper to it and I am obsessed with how it compliments the paint, stain and legs so beautifully ! It really was the perfect finishing touch that pulled it all together !!

I can’t wait to see where she ends up living her best life … and hope the new owners share pics !!


(BEFORE)                                                                                          (AFTER)

Second chances

This girl is proof that darn near everything deserves a second chance … when I pulled her out of the rubble in the far corner of the thrift shop, the store owner looked at me a little funny when I hauled her to the register.  I said ‘you just wait, she’s going to be gorgeous’ … and she is !!

This beauty is NOW AVAILABLE … you can check her put on my website HERE to see if she should be yours !!

I hope this has inspired you to look at old and forgotten furniture in a different light … and I am happy to help if you have any questions !!

Let’s keep these pieces out of the landfill … and have fun while doing it !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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