A Little Easter Crafting


When I was a kid, we ALWAYS colored hard boiled eggs for Easter.  I would SO look forward to this.

My Mom boiling a HUGE pot filled with eggs and then filling the little plastic cups with water. Opening the packets with the tiny colored tabs that would miraculously change the water to the brightest and most beautiful colors when dropped into the cups.

Popping the perforated cardboard circle out of the back of the slim box that held all the supplies inside, and bending the copper wired ‘egg scooper’ into shape to transfer the eggs from cup to cup … it all felt so incredibly magical and I loved every second of it … and I loved recreating these moments with my kids when they were young too !


(do you remember these ?!)

Fast forward to the teenage years … things became a little different over time. While the Easter bunny still arrives at out house (yes, my kids are 22 and 17 :)), the traditions have changed slightly over the last several years.

We realized that coloring eggs wasn’t as magical as it used to be and mostly because we didn’t really know what to do with all the hard boiled eggs after we colored them … do they live in the fridge ?! Do they stay out on display and have me panic that they’ve been out of the fridge too long ?! Who is going to EAT all the eggs after and are they actually edible ?!

When I was a kid, they were peeled and eaten with salt or turned into egg salad sandwiches … but as our knowledge has progressed over the years since the 70’s and 80’s we have since come to know that it’s likely not super healthy to do ANY of the things i listed above LOL …

This is where being a crafty Mom has come in handy … this year I created some super fun, cute and easy crafts that will look fabulous as part of our Spring / Easter decor and don’t involve stuffing ourselves with multi colored hard boiled eggs afterwards !!


This year I wanted to add to my bunny and egg decor, so I headed to the Dollar Store. I picked up a few pieces that I knew I could turn into something beautiful, and that would coordinate well with our current decor too !

These ceramic bunnies creeped me out with their holographic orange eyes LOL … but I love the shape of them !

I’m sure every household has had these plastic treat eggs a time or two … but I wanted to create something cute without filling them with chocolate !

… and these oversized glitter covered eggs came home with me too !


I started with the eggs, snapped them all together and then primed them with Zinsser BIN Shellac Primer in a spray can and set them aside to dry !



I knew that I wanted to add texture to the eggs. The bunnies already had some texture, but I decided to add Fresco to both the eggs and bunnies to give them a more rustic feel !

Fresco is such a cool texturizing powder and super easy to use … you just add equal parts Fresco and paint and mix well !


I started with Fresco and Victorian Lace … i use an inexpensive chippy workshop brush to transfer the fresco mixture to my projects !

I was very generous with adding the Fresco / Paint to each egg.  I wanted a decent amount of texture but also it allowed me to cover the line where the egg closed in the center !

I used the same mixture using the same brush to cover the bunnies too … I added (2) coats to the bunnies to be sure I got all the brown and creepy orange eyes covered LOL !

Once the Fresco had dried, I added a coat of Picket Fence to each of the (3) bunnies, making sure to get into all the cracks and crevices !


I chose a handful of my fave Fusion Mineral Paint colors that I knew would work well with the decor in our living room and got to work painting the eggs !

I always have a selection of Dollar Store Foam Brushes on hand for projects like this and they were perfect to smoosh the paint onto these eggs !

Once i had all the eggs painted and they were dry, I used a small artist brush dipped in water and a touch of paint to splatter a bit of white and green on the eggs for a little speckle here and. there !


I did contemplate adding some light brown on the feet and tail of the bunnies, but changed my mind as i really love this textured white finish and they work beautifully in our living room !

I am so happy with how the details on the bunnies still shine through, but they look so much more classic and coordinate with our decor !!

I love them so much that I will likely keep the bunnies out all spring !

These were both really simple and inexpensive Easter projects to create … and you could easily complete them using the tester size of the paint colors and the small bag of Fresco !

I hope that however you are spending this Easter weekend that you are able to take some time to relax … and if you’re a crafter, that you can fit in some creative time too …

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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