Holiday Houses and FMP

Customize Your Holiday Decor

Do you ever see something and think ‘I love that but not in that colour’ ?! This happens often for me and when one of my best girlfriends sent me a picture of this UH-DORABLE Ceramic Village and said ‘I love these but not in this colour!’ you know I said LET’S PAINT THEM !!

This super cute set is ON SALE NOW at Costco. So RUN don’t walk and grab yourself a set (or 2) and then head to OUR WEBSITE and order PAINT and ULTRA GRIP !!

Some of you may be saying ‘they’re so cute in red’ and yes, i think that they are for some people’s decor … but for mine (and my friend’s) they were the wrong red … this is more tomato red and would not have worked well with my holiday colors !!

Because they had been fired with a shiny clear finish, they needed something for the paint to bond to. This is where Ultra Grip comes in !!

It is the most MAGICAL product and i knew that a thin coat would do the trick and prep these beauties for some Fusion Mineral Paint !!

Being that this surface was ceramic and was a craft, not furniture, we applied a thin coat. We didn’t have to leave it longer than a couple hours to dry and be ready for our first coat of paint !


I wanted these to be light and neutral to go in any space in our home so I chose (3) of my faves from the FMP (Fusion Mineral Paint) collection !!

Victorian Lace is a stunning shade of white, not too bright and still has a cool base. Chateau is heading more into the creamy family but not too yellow, perfect to compliment Victorian Lace. And then I decided to paint the church in Putty. This gorgeous shade is a little more beige, but still has a cool base so worked really well with the other two colors !!

I decided to paint (2) in Victorian Lace, (2) in Chateau and (1) in Putty . Because I was using really light colours to paint over a really rich and bright red, it took (4) thin coats of paint.  FMP has excellent coverage but I was working on small craft pieces and wanted to be sure that I had a very thin layer of paint. I worked hard to not have too many brush strokes while using small craft brushes !!

I am absolutely thrilled with how these turned out with the FMP !!

The Ultra Grip did its job perfectly and this sweet set now fits right into our decor !!

In love

This little village even comes with battery powered lights already secured inside, a total bonus! The inner walls of each house have a light gold shade of paint so that when you turn on the lights, they have the most beautiful warm glow!


The colours are so perfect that they could even be incorporated into our decor throughout the year, which i really love !!

I will never stop telling you how much I love Fusion Mineral Paint. Because no, NOT all paint is created equal.  Not every paint would work for so many projects. BUT Fusion is fabulous and I will reach for it time and time again for all the things!


I promise you that you do not have to be a super duper crafter to do this fun little holiday project. And I can TOTALLY help you pick your paint !!

I hope this inspires you to go get a village and PAINT IT !

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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