Fall Floral Pumpkin DIY

Fall Floral Pumpkin DIY by Jennifer Edwardson

Ahhhh, Fall is finally here is full force … and I am here for it !! The grass is turning green again and the leaves are changing color … it is SO beautiful !!

That means it is also time for DECORATING !! Have you started to pull out your pumpkin decor yet ?! My front porch plans are coming together and that includes these beauties !!

Sometimes a pumpkin isn’t just a pumpkin … sometimes it wants to be a floral pumpkin … and I’m here to show you how I stepped up these plain white craft store faux p’unkins with some fun craft supplies !!

I started with these white pumpkins in two different sizes … but this project works for any size and color since you’ll be doin’ a little painting !!

At this point you will need to cut the top out of your pumpkins … i used a utility knife with a super sharp (new) blade … BE CAREFUL !! I held tight onto the pumpkin and cut away from myself … you can adjust the size of hole depending on the size of the pumpkin and the amount of floral pieces that you want to insert into the space !!


One of my most used craft supplies are moulds and air dry clay … my favourites are these ones from Iron Orchid Designs.  They have THE most fabulous moulds that can be used for SO many types of crafts.

You can use any Air Dry Clay, but this one is my fave … its super easy to work with and dries beautifully and quick !


The trick is to press the clay into the mould, making sure to push it in deeply to get all the details of the mould into the clay.

Then gently peel each piece out right away … carefully shape it onto the top of each pumpkin without pressing the details out of the clay.  You don’t need much pressure … with keeping its shape, let is fall back into the palm of your hand and brush some strong adhesive ( i used carpenters glue) on the back of the clay piece … now flip it back onto your pumpkin in various spots around the opening you cut !!

I added (2) different sized leaves on my smaller pumpkin and then (2) each of (2) sizes onto the larger one !! Now, LET THIS DRY !! I just let mine sit aside overnight to start fresh in the morning !

Now that you have dry moulded leaves on your pumpkins it is time to PAINT !! This is my fave part !!

I used (2) colors of Fusion Mineral Paint … Raw Silk is the stunning creamy white color that I painted over the ENTIRE project !! The great part is that this paint dries super quick on this medium (longer when painted on furniture) so i didn’t have to wait long to continue crafting !!

For the leaves, i chose to paint them with one of Fusion’s newest colors Bellwood … it is one of my most fave colors and it was perfect for the colors of florals that i was to be adding into these pumpkins !!

I used our 1″ Economy Brush to add a light layer of paint to the leaves … you can paint a little or a lot, depending on the look you’re wanting to achieve !!

I always have a selection of faux florals and greenery on hand for projects like this … the BEST time to add to your collection is after every holiday or season … i like to go and stock up on my faves to tuck away for next years projects !!

I had a great bundle to choose from and used more yellows for the smaller pumpkin and then added bigger and more colorful pieces and grasses to the larger pumpkin … LOVE how they came together !

I’ve included a pic of one that i created last year (below left) to show how you can add all different sizes and styles to any size, color or shape of pumpkin !!

Also, you don’t have to always cut a hole in the top either … for the one on the left, i cut the picks down and adhered them using a hot glue gun … the options are endless !!


I hope this inspires you to look at pumpkins in the craft store in just a little different light … and that you consider getting out a knife, some faux florals and order our NEW Paint  … they come in the perfect tester size for craft projects like this !!

Be sure to come on back next week to see another UH-DORABLE Mini Pumpkin Project !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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