Double Time

Ahhhh … i know how you LOVE a Double pager !!

While MANY of you turn my weekly singles into doubles, it’s sometimes nice to have a true double to create … and i also LOVE how excited you all get when you see a 2 page sketch show up on Friday mornings !!!

I haven’t felt compelled to tell ALL my COVID / quarantine stories yet, but as I feel like writing and sharing, I will create a layout along with some of the photos that I took.

I really wanted to be sure that I got the photos that I took of a handful of the daily whiteboard lists that i created EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for weeks after it all began, onto a page !!

I felt like if i wrote down a list or a schedule so to speak, I would be able to try and keep us all from going crazy … it sounds silly, but it’s how i felt at the time.

I spoiled my kids the best that i could with cooking their fave foods and treats and doing things like giving them breakfast in bed and having movie dates etc … anything i could do to try to help them feel ok … and in turn it was helping me feel like maybe this would all be ok too …

I don’t know when i will have all our stories of this time told … maybe it’ll have to be ‘over’ before i get them all into albums … but for now, i am happy knowing that every once in a while i get a page or two done that documents this unbelievable world that we are living in !!



If you weren’t able to join me LIVE on Facebook for this class, you can head over to my Facebook Page and watch the playback … and we’ve included the PDF Files above so that you can print off our complimentary Scrap Sheets to work from on your own time too !!

Happy Happy Monday friends …

Until next time !!

j. XOX




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  1. Nadine Ballantyne says:

    Thank You! I am loving the PDF version of these, they print so much nicer.

    1. Jennifer Edwardson says:

      YAYYYY !! We are so happy that this makes it easier for you all to enjoy our Scrap Sheets !! j. XOX

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