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… i spent many many years when my kids were young saying that i didn’t have time to read … i was part of a book club filled with some of the most WONDERFUL women during the first few years after i opened the first location of my retail store … i remember being SO excited to get to spend one night a month with this group of ladies, but i could NEVER find the time to finish reading the book that was chosen … and it started to become a running joke as to if i would actually read the book in time to discuss it … i will admit there was more than one time that i actually read the online notes about the book so that i could at least partially participate in the discussion … but since i am a TERRIBLE liar, when asked, i would have to admit that i actually didn’t read the book … the ONLY time that i finished a selection was when it was my turn to host so then i HAD to be sure that i was ready !!


When we moved further south and out of town, i had to leave the group as it was too hard to get up with Scott away and the kids so busy …. so i tried to start one in our new town … we had ONE month and yet i couldn’t seem to fit it in regularly then either … when we moved out of the province 11 months later, of course it was over … i know you’re not supposed to regret things … BUT i do regret the time i missed out on some incredible reads  … so NOW i am settled and at a different place in my life and MAKING the time to read … and i am SO happy about it !!

(these are currently on one of my dressers in my room – many of them still waiting to be read)

… we have books EVERYWHERE in the house … i can’t count the number of book shelves we have between bedrooms, the living room and the hallways too !! One of the projects in our house reno plans is to create a LARGE dedicated space upstairs and in the basement development to keep all the books we’ve collected over the years … and that is A LOT … while i haven’t read them all, we have collected some AMAZING titles that i am so excited to enjoy …


… our whole family LOVES books … we all get and give them for holiday gifts and birthday gifts and just because gifts too … i love that about our little 4 family …


A few years ago, i started doing December Daily gifts for Em and Alex … each morning on every day in December leading up to Christmas Day, they got to open a shared gift … the first year i gave them a new book each  day.  This was AMAZING and we all loved it … they got books about SO many different things, but the most loved were the TRAVEL books … we’ve got quite the collection of books about countries that we want to visit one day … books about the best places to visit in Canada, bucket list books and so many more …


MY reading interests are widespread … i will be honest and tell you that my ‘go to’ grab is always a ‘romance’ … and i use the term romantic lightly as that usually means a little more sexy than romantic 😉 … i really have such diverse selection of books that i enjoy … business building books, self care, design, travel, biographies (LOVE these), flower books (which is kind of funny since i struggle to keep plants alive) but i love reading about them and looking at the beautiful pics … and one of my ALL TIME FAVE books are recipe books – i can just sit and read these for hours …. and i also LOVE how they look up on a shelf !! It’s the little things right  ….



… i am LOVING THIS BOOK … it was recommend to me by the ladies in my first book club and then another good friend of mine told me she stoped at Chapter 3 as she couldn’t get into it … i will say that while i am not finished it yet (i will post my full review here at the bottom of this post once i complete it) … it did take me until Chapter 5 to become hooked … i am so happy that i stuck it out as i am really loving it … the writing is excellent and i love the perspective in which it is written … stay tuned !!

(you can purchase this book HERE)

… i am also reading this right now too and it is FUNNNNNNY !! It is a MUCH lighter read, but again so well written … it bounces back and forth between current and past memories of the lead character and i am really enjoying snuggling into bed at night and reading a few chapters before sleep … i will keep you posted on how i feel at the end !!

(you can purchase this book HERE)

… i asked for book suggestions a month-ish ago on my Facebook page and they came POURING IN  … i am going to compile that list and do a post about it here so that you can all have a look and enjoy the ideas too !!


ok … it’s late and i want to go read 😉 … thanks for stopping by …. talk soon.

j. XO


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