DIY – Kitchen Buffet

PLEASE NOTE: This project was completed prior to my becoming a Fusion Mineral Paint Retailer

Anyone that knows me well, knows that i LOVE finding pieces of furniture that still have life to live … the older ones are my fave, but anything that is well built and needs some attention generally comes home with me … just ask my husband what our shop looks like 😉 … it is filled with fabulous finds that are craving my love … at least that is what i tell him every time he gently reminds me that there may not be room for more and that i should sell a few … maybe i will part with a few one day !!

Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know when and where you can come pick them up 😉

This buffet was a FAB find … it was owned by an older lady that i met when living in Calgary and it had been her late Mothers’, and she simply didn’t have the room for it anymore … i was VERY happy to take it off her hands as i knew exactly where it was going to live in our house on the island.  I will say that it was WAY heavier than i had expected, so i was thankful i had Alex and Em with me when i went to pick it up !!


It was in excellent condition and SUPER solid … (4) drawers, and two cupboards each with a shelf made this the perfect addition to our very small kitchen. I am ALWAYS looking for more storage space for larger dishes, and my kitchens mixers and smaller appliances like Alex’s sandwich maker etc … so i knew that this was going to come in very handy.

When we moved back into the house, i had Scott and Craig put it in the kitchen as it was so that i could still use it until i had the time to refinish it … it quickly became a catch all for anything people wanted to drop somewhere as they walked by !!!!

This needed to change … and apparently i felt that 3 days before Easter weekend when i was going to have a full house was the PERFECT time to get to work … Scott has learned to go with the flow and accept that though sometimes my timing may be a little off, it (usually) always works out in the end … hey, you never know when inspiration is going to strike !!

The thing about me is that occasionally when i jump into something, i will say ‘it’ll be quick’ and that actually means –  ‘i am NOT moving this out of the space it currently lives and the family is just going to have work around my painty mess until i’m done’ 😉

… for this project, this is what that looked like … up on bricks in the middle of the kitchen for 3 days …

i LOVE a distressed, kind of farmhouse-ish but ‘not completely off the farm’ look … so i started with a base coat of white Chalk Paint … i ended up doing 3-ish coats … when i say 3-ish i mean i went over some spots a little more than others … before it was completely dry and before i put on the wax, i gently rubbed some spots to the wood to give it a more distressed finish !!


Creating the finish on the top was fun and i loved how it came together … this was a mix of the black and grey paint and i used the wood grain tool to create the texture in the paint !!

Once i was happy with the look and colour of the buffet, i let everything dry overnight before adding the wax … i just rubbed the wax on with an old soft hand towel.  There are lots of ways to do this but the towel works best for me !!

We added these adorable brushed bronze drawer pulls that remind me of old library file drawers – LOVE them … i am still unsure of how i want to handle the locks on the front of the larger main doors, as i obviously don’t need them to lock so i may drill them out, fill them back in, sand and add some pretty glass drawer pulls … i will leave that for another day tho !!

Once we had it in place, we added the shelves that i built to the wall above and i FINALLY had homes for some of my fave white dishes … i am SUPER pleased with this piece and it changed the whole feel of the kitchen … and just for reference … BELOW is what this exact wall looked like when we bought the house (this was the house listing pic) … WOW right !!!!

Well, that is ONE more piece out of the shop and into a working position INSIDE our home … on to the next one !!

j. XO


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