Plant Stand Re-Fresh

“Please Make Them Pretty”

When I got the first call asking me if I would re-fresh a pair of Plant Stands for a new client, of course I said yes, but I was unsure of what what being dropped off to my workshop.  It was my first plant stand paint job !

When they arrived, they were in need of a whole lot of TLC and the owners were super excited for me to give them a new lease on life … they are HUGE plant lovers and really wanted to make these a focal point in their home !


first step

While there was a lot of general wear and tear on them from years of use, there was also some extensive damage to a few of the corners that I was going to need to work on !

BEFORE ANY WORK … I did a really good, deep clean using TSP Alternative – NEVER skip this step !! It takes all the dirt, grease, fingerprints etc … off of your project.

A few edges on the drawers and a couple of corners needed to be built up … my painters tape and wood filler did the trick and after a re-shaping sand and another good wipe down … we were ready for PAINT !!


Cobblestone was the colour choice … it’s SUCH a soft, beautiful grey … but to get it to cover this dark orange finish, it needed to be primed first !! I used a coat of BIN Zinsser Shellac Based Primer ( available at most home improvement stores)

  (3) coats of Cobblestone, with a 220 grit sanding in between each coat … and this pair of beauties were ready for a little finishing !!


Knowing that there would be plant pots on these stands, I chose to add a layer of Clear Furniture Wax on top for a little added protection ! This wax goes on literally like butter .. it is such a fabulous product and is very easy to apply.  I use a cotton sock on my hand so that I can use my fingers to get it exactly where i want it … works like a charm !


One of my favorite final touches on a piece, is to line the drawers … sometimes it is decoupaged with patterned tissue and other times with fancy wall paper ! Cobblestone happened to coordinate perfectly with one of my fave wall papers … it is actually in my shop too !!!

The last step before returning these stunners to their owners, was to change up the drawer pulls !! Now that they had their new lease on life, the old hardware simply wasn’t going to do … these Roman Numeral clock pulls were absolutely the right choice and made the sweet little drawers pop !

custom furniture requests

REMEMBER … I take on a couple of Custom Client pieces each month, so if you’re thinking you have a piece that needs a re-fresh, but you aren’t sure you want to do it …. just fill out our Custom Furniture Request Form and I will be in touch to make a plan !!

I have ONE spot left for a piece in September and TWO for October !! Just in time to have a piece ready for holiday entertaining !!

When you pick up your Custom Piece, you’ll head home with a little care package that includes sample sizes of the products used on your piece for any little mishaps that may happen in the future !!

If you have any questions about me painting for you, just reach out … I am happy to help !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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