The Tall Boy

“The Tall Boy”

I am fairly sure every house I went into during my childhood had a Tall Boy dresser in it somewhere at some point.

This type of dresser started in the 1800’s and traditionally, was a chest of drawers with a wardrobe on top.  It evolved over the years and this style of a tall chest of drawers became very common in most households !

I was so happy to come across this stunner in my travels as it was in perfect condition and had been very well cared for !

The shape of the drawers adds so much character and the different widths makes it an excellent choice in any bedroom for clothing or to store linens too !

This piece was cleaned thoroughly using TSP Alternative and gently scuff sanded before adding a very thin coat of Ultra Grip to give the new paint something to hold onto upon application !

I took the original hardware off, cleaned it well and then spray painted them this stunning gold … the pulls were in great shape, just some paint chips here and there … but after a good clean, light sanding and some new paint they were good as new !

LOOK at the gorgeous dovetail detailing on the drawers !! You never want to cover those up … unless they aren’t in great shape … in that case, PAINT, PAINT, PAINT !!

After letting it sit for 12 hours it was ready for the first coat of paint ! The coverage of Fusion Mineral Paint is second to none and a little goes a LONG way !

TWO coats and this baby was ready to cure !

Fusion Mineral Paint is dry to the touch in 2 hours … ready for the next coat of paint in 4 hours … and fully (rock hard) cured in 21 days !

Don’t let the 21 days scare you off … that is true to ANY paint … but your project is ready to put back into your space 4 hours after the last coat … you’re just going to want to be careful until cure day !! THEN you can wash, wipe, all the things … promise !!

I chose Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue for this piece and am seriously IN LOVE … it is such a deep and rich color and will compliment any space so beautifully !!

This Tall Boy measures 37″ W x 19″ D x 47″ H and is currently FOR SALE in our shop HERE

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT ship furniture … all our re-imagined pieces are available for Pick Up at our shop in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.


If seeing this dresser in this colour made you want to get painting pieces that you have in your home, we have ALL the supplies you need … WE SHIP PAINT !!


We also carry all the tools you need to make your DIY journey a success !! Brushes, rollers, finishing, brush cleaner and so much more !!  You can purchase everything on our WEBSITE and in person with an Appointment !!

I look forward to helping you bring re-imagined furniture pieces into your home … whether you paint them, or I paint them for you !!

We are adding MORE Newly Re-Imagined Furniture to our website next week and are so excited to share each piece with you … you never know what item becomes a must have for your own home !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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