My (5) Favourite Paint Products

My (5) Faves by Jennifer Edwardson

I would like to tell you that it was really hard to choose my (5) fave paint products (beside the actual paint of course) … because they are ALL my favourite, but it wasn’t difficult for me to name these !

Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL the things … but there are a handful that I use on darn near every project I create and I think that you should love them too !

In no particular order, here are the products I can’t create without …


I always say that CLEANING is the number one step you need to take when re-imagining a piece and i truly mean it … if you don’t clean first (and again after sanding) you will NOT get the finish you want … i promise it will be worth the effort !!

TSP Alternative is an incredible product created by Fusion … it is a safe and much less toxic way to be sure you’ve removed any dust, dirt, grease or oils from fingers off of your project ! It also works great for cleaning door knobs and handles etc … and is super on walls too !!

This 250ml bottle is a great size that will last a long time too as i only use (1) capful to (1) litre of water … i mix mine in a spray bottle and clean clean clean before paint !!


Staalmeester Brushes … what can i say ?!  A LOT actually !!!!! These are the ONLY brushes that i use on my re-imagined furniture  … they come in SO many shapes and sizes, and again, while i love them all for different reason and projects, i do have my faves !!

When you are just starting to build your paint supplies, this Painters Essential Kit is THE best way to go … the value is fabulous and you end up getting the cost of 1 1/2 brushes for free !! It gives you all the you need to really get started off right !!

My (3) ‘go to’ brushes are a Pointed Sash, a Round and an Oval !! They are all amazing and they work well on all types of furniture … they are an investment though, so be sure to treat them right (clean them well after every use with Brush Cleaner) and they will work hard for you for so many years to come !!


I thought all rollers were the same … until I used Staalmeester Rollers !! These are truly the Rolls Royce of rollers and once you use them on your furniture, you’ll never go back !!

I buy them in (10) packs and use them (3) times before moving on to a fresh one … there is something oddly satisfying about putting a new roller onto a handle and dipping it into fresh paint … you will LOVE the finish it gives with Fusion Mineral Paint, I promise !!


Wet Sanding is a technique that requires a little practice, but once you get the feel, it is magical !!

I like to let my painted piece sit for a day before i wet sand to make sure that i don’t have any damp spots … hitting a not quite dry bit of paint with sand paper or a sponge isn’t awesome and will require a bit of fixing and no one likes to have to go back and fix paint !!

Fusions’ Continuous Mister is the PERFECT way to wet sand (and also works great for color bending too) … combined with this sanding sponge, you’ll get the most flawless finish !

A little water and a VERY light touch in a circular motion across your desired area, then a light wipe with a lint free cloth and you’ll have a finish to die for !!!

Check out this video for a great demo !!!



Fusion Furniture Wax is a fabulous product that goes onto your furniture like butter … it is so smooth and comes in multiple colors … but Clear Furniture Wax is my fave !!

It is my go to for a top coat and is so easy to apply ! My fave way is to put a cotton sock over my hand and rub it all over my furniture piece … this way i am able to get into any grooves or small spaces with my fingers !

While Fusion Mineral Paint has a built in top coat and does not require a finishing product to be added, i like to add that little extra protection … and again, that buttery smooth finish is also my fave !!!

I hope that this has helped you to create your (5) faves! And don’t worry, i won’t be offended if our faves aren’t the same LOL !!

I would love to know what your faves are though, so be sure to comment and share and maybe you’ll prompt me to add something to my list !!

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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