I’m In Love … With Manor Green

Manor Green Has Major Personality

BIG. HUGE. HEART. EYES. for this stunning shade of green !!!

When I first saw the new Fusion Paint Colour Release I didn’t know which one to love more. But once they were in the shop and I could see them in person, I just knew that I was going to have a love affair with this stunner shade!

seeing green

It is deep and rich and moody and will literally be the star of any space no matter what you choose to put it on !

I picked up this gorgeous piece of  antique furniture from a little cottage at the end of a long and winding country road. To be honest, I was getting a little concerned that I had been duped and I drove and drove and drove. But then I rounded the corner and this beauty was waiting for me outside just begging to be loved again !!

Good news, I was already in love with her AND her soon to be new best friend … Manor Green !!

If you haven’t tried her yet … DO. NOT. WAIT. Go order her up right now! Trust me, you want this color in your home, somewhere, on something !!

Up for a challenge

Now, do not be fooled by this beautiful makeover. It was NOT an easy flip, that is for certain.  The red, red, red wood was bleeding through the stain blocking primer like you wouldn’t believe !  So (2) solid coats was needed and then (3) coats of Manor Green were needed to stop the red tannins coming through !!

never give up

The sanding of the top took literally HOURS. But I knew I didn’t want to give up and I am so happy that I stuck with it because look at that wood grain !!

It was still showing SO much red, so I painted on Cappuccino Stain & Finishing Oil, let it sit for 15 minutes and then wiped it back. I did this twice and it gave me this fabulous rich color and it is SO smooth !!

I knew that I wanted to line the top drawer. And I just love its wood spacers. I also lined the bottom of the inside of the little cupboard too !

This is a peel n stick wall paper (you can find it here) and it was really easy to work with !!

For the rest of the drawers I brushed on Fusion Beeswax Finish to condition the wood as it was in really great shape and just needed a little pick me up !!

final touches

I was SO lucky that the original drawer handles were ALL in super shape.  I cleaned them, gave them a light scuff sand and then sprayed them and the wheels with my fave Gold Rustoleum !!

I love how the gold is the perfect addition to this piece …. it just pops right off the Manor Green !!


While every project is different, I always use a brush for some parts and a roller for others !! This Pointed Sash Staalmeester Brush is one of my faves for getting into the smaller corners and details of a piece. And this short roller handle combined with Staalmeester 10cm Rollers give a fabulous finish !!


Choosing the right tools is SO important to the success of your painted project. And these will make your enjoyment in creating the piece SO much better, I promise !!

It is so rare that I don’t finish off a piece with a little wet sanding.  This is my go to Sanding Pad/Sponge and Continuous Mister. This is a great way to get that buttery smooth feel to your painted project !!

We Love a good transformation

I always find the BEFORE and AFTER reveal SO fun … even though I knew what it looked like before, and spent all the hours transforming it, I still get such a kick out of looking at the pics side by side when it’s all done !!

There is so much to be said about the satisfaction of knowing where you started and where you ended … this is truly one of my most favorite things to do !!

i’m in love

DO. NOT. BE. AFRAID. TO. PAINT. … just because a piece is vintage or a family heirloom, solid wood (those are my fave) … if it isn’t working for you in your home and you are not using it because of it’s appearance, you need to make a change !!

If painting is going to keep it from the landfill and make it a present piece in your home again, then it is completely worth it !!  You can do it … I believe in you … AND i am always here to help you too !!

Oh, and for those who have been asking … i haven’t decided if this girl is going to be available in the shop for purchase … i am so in love that i don’t know if i can let her go just yet … having said that, if you too are in love with her, money talks … so reach out :))

Until Next Time … j. XOX


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