Cheesecloth Ghosts

Cheesecloth Ghosts by Jennifer Edwardson

As i was scrolling through some of my fave social accounts, i came across my friend             Beth’s Page (@thekingstonhome on IG) and she was making these fabulous ghosts that we all use to make as kids (well maybe not ALL of us) … and i decided to make some to add to our porch decor this year !

They aren’t difficult … just a little messy (which is fun) and time consuming (several work and wait steps) !!

I picked up several different sized styrofoam balls at the dollar store … you can choose whatever size you’d like and not to worry, you’ll keep them for years to come as they are just used as a shape creator !!

Next, you need cheesecloth ! You can pick this up at places like Walmart, Canadian Tire or even on Amazon … your local fabric shop also may carry it !!

Next you need FABRIC STIFFENER … again, something you can find at the places mentioned above !! I got mine on Amazon HERE

I sat each styrofoam ball on a beer glass and draped my cheesecloth over each one in the length i wanted …

Each one was different and I added sticks for ‘arms’ to let the ghosts hang in different ways once they were dry !!

There are a few ways to add the Fabric Stiffener to your cheesecloth … you can cut your cloth and drape it over your balls and then SPRAY your Fabric Stiffener over the cloth to moisten ….OR you can dilute the Fabric Stiffener (2) parts stiffener to (1) part water and submerge your cloth into a dish with the mixture to cover completely and then gently lay the wet cheesecloth over your styrofoam balls in the desired shapes (this is what i did) … there is no right or wrong… just do what feels right for you !!

I covered my table with a large garbage bag cut open and wore disposable gloves as the Fabric Stiffener is basically just glue … so it made clean up MUCH easier !!

Then I left all my little ghost friends to dry overnight … REMEMBER: the more you dilute the Fabric Stiffener, the less stiff your ghosts will be !! If you want them to stand on their own, i would NOT dilute at all … if you want to hang them like i did, (2) to (1) dilution is just fine … they will have a bit of movement to them !!

Once they were dry and stiff, I added different sized googly eyes to each one and gently peeled them off of the styrofoam balls !!

I used a wide eye, dull end needle to add white thread through the top of each one to hang them from our porch roof !!

I love how they truly look as though they are floating at the entrance to our house with all our other Halloween decor !!

Next year, i think i am going to try this same technique but dye the cheesecloth black and make SKULLS !!!!

Stay Tuned … j. XOX



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