A Little Pink Desk

“All She Needed Was Love”

When i found this cute little desk, she needed SO much love … but i knew i could bring her back to life !

She had to wait her turn though, and sat in my workshop for a few months before i brought her up to the front of the line and tried a little Bayberry on top.  While it is a gorgeous color, it really wasn’t right for her … so she sat a little bit longer.  Until one day, the perfect person came into the shop looking for a cute little desk to gift to someone special !

We talked about options and they left with a color chart, and a few days later contacted me to say that Damask was their pick … and secretly i did a little dance inside because i had been waiting to create with this beautiful color !!

Isn’t it crazy how different a paint color can look in the jar or in a picture, compared to putting it onto a project ?!

I prepped this piece as always with a really good clean using TSP Alternative by Fusion Mineral Paint.  A few capfuls mixed with water in spray bottle and some elbow grease and she was clean and ready !!


I did a light scuff sand all over and then added one light coat of Ultra Grip just to be certain the paint would grab on tight in all the little nooks and cranny’s … then she was ready for her first coat of color !

The original wood was a light blonde so just (2) coats of Damask would do … I always do a light sand in between each coat to ensure a beautiful smooth finish !

Once the second coat was dry (i waited 12 hours after coat 2 just to be sure I had a nice dry surface) and then it was time for the piece de resistance (and no i do not speak french but i use that phrase often and likely butcher the pronunciation also ;)) … FURNITURE WAX !!

I LOVE PAINT … but i REALLY love furniture wax … it is like the icing on cake, the hollandaise on eggs benny, the gravy on potatoes … ok, you get the point !!

Furniture Wax truly brings out the color on a piece … AND offers an additional layer of protection too !

For this Damask Desk i knew that Rose Gold Furniture Wax was THE way to go and boy was i right (if i do say so myself) … it goes on like butter, truly … and has this stunning little shimmer to it that was the perfect finish in touch !

TIP: i put a rubber glove on and then a cotton sock and rub the Furniture Wax on by hand … THE best way to really get it into your corners and ensure you don’t get streaks !! For the top of pieces, such as this desk, i take an Applicator Pad and gently run it evenly across the top to make sure i get a perfectly smooth finish !

For the inside of the drawers I added this fabulous black and white Peel ‘n’ Stick Wallpaper … cutting to fit can be a little tricky so be sure to have a long measuring stick and a sharp knife !!

The hardware on this piece was in really great shape and original to the desk, so i decided to keep it and change the color.  First, just like the desk, a good scrub with TSP Alternative to get it really clean was step one.

Once it was clean i used Matte Black Spray Paint (2 coats with a  light sand in between) and they came out beautifully and really complimented this new color and the black and white interior of the drawers !

Whenever you purchase a piece from Jennifer Edwardson Creative Inc. you go home with a little gift bag that includes a couple of tester pots … one of the color/s that were used and one of the wax (if applicable) so that you can touch up any little marks you may get as time goes on !!


I am now available for more Custom Work and would love to talk with you about a New To You piece for your home. Please EMAIL me at: hello@jenniferedwardson.com at any time to set up a phone consultation to discuss how I can help you !!

You can bring in something from your home that you would like me to paint for you … you can come in and have my help in choosing the products you need to paint your piece yourself … you can purchase something that is ready to go from my shop … OR you can choose an unfinished piece from my workshop to take home OR have me paint for you !!

There are SO many options and I would love to work with you !!

Thanks for checking out this sweet little desk  and I hope to see you in the shop or online soon !!

j. XOX


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