Welcome 2021

WELCOME 2021 … who else has been waiting to  be able to say that ?!?

(HINT: the above is a peek at one of our new Cut Files coming out SOON)

I wanted to say a quick THANK YOU before we jump right back into some crafty content !!

To say this last 9-ish months online with you has changed me is not an exaggeration AT ALL !! Before I began this journey of learning how to connect with you all virtually, I never in my wildest dreams would’ve known how it would affect my business, my family, the way I spend my days and most of all ME personally !!

The technical education i’ve experienced in this short amount of time has been frustrating (most days) but more than anything it has been exhilarating to know that I CAN DO THIS !! Your patience and incredible help along the way has lifted me up when I was too tired to even think about trying to learn something new just one more time !!

YOU showing up each and every week during one of the most difficult times in all our lives, to play along with me and listen to me talk and interact with me through your comments, emails, messages and by sharing your projects with me online, has inspired ME more than you know !!

So THANK YOU … i simply can not wait to share another year together … to share and grow and continue to inspire each other !!

So on that note … let’s get started !

One of the MANY new additions to Jennifer Edwardson Creative Inc. is a MONTHLY calendar … Each month we will share a printable PDF file that includes LIVES, Classes, Registration Dates and more … so that you can plan your creativity ahead of time !!

Click on the link below to DOWNLOAD and PRINT 

January 2021 Monthly Calendar

1st Facebook LIVE Layout Class is THIS Sunday January 3rd … check out the sketch, collect the suggested supplies and meet me online at 10:00am PST !!

Until then … j. XOX


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