welcome to jenniferedwardson.com

Hi … i’m Jennifer … thank you for stopping by to check out my new creative space !!

Many of you have been with me from the very beginning when i opened Scrapbookin’ Adventures in Parksville, BC … some of you I’ve met along the way … and a few of you are just meeting me here, now.  To each of you, thank you for sharing a little bit of your time with me. I know first hand how busy life can get, so I appreciate you taking a minute to have a look, read a post, grab a recipe, admire a photo, learn a technique, use a sketch or just see what i’m up to today !

I have put a lot of thought into where I wanted to head next as my kids are growing up and taking steps into the next phase of their own lives.  I have always been busy and creative and active … and since opening my first storefront in the scrapbooking industry back in 2006, I have grown and changed as well.  As the days, weeks and months move along, I will be sharing all kinds of fun things with you !  Things that make me happy … things that I wonder about … things that I want to learn … things I want you to learn (think DIY) … things that make me sad sometimes too … and so much more … mostly, I will just be sharing my life with you, here.

I’m creating a space to have all the things I love in one beautiful place … my goal since first venturing into the scrapbooking industry close to 20 years ago was to build wonderful places to keep the memories that I make with the people in my life.  While that goal hasn’t changed, I wanted to go one step further.  I want to have a place to share the making of these memories with you; enter jenniferedwardson.com

I am often messaged with questions of how I did something … how did I make that yummy looking baking, I wish I could create a layout like that, what do you put in your diffuser to make your home smell amazing, how did you paint that piece of furniture, where did you get that AWESOME yellow raincoat and matching boots (insert eye roll from my friends that tell me I look like I’m wearing safety gear) …

What I’ve learned in spending my time with so many amazing women over the years, is that we all want to share in each others lives, even if we don’t see each other often (or ever) … we want to feel the happy times and support in the sadness … learn how to do something new … find a shortcut to save some time in our own busy days … have someone tell us that we MUST read that book …. or don’t bother heading to the theatre for that movie … yes, you can wait to watch it at home !!

… i follow along with SO MANY people for SO MANY different reasons and i am excited to share some of my favourite things with you … and I want to hear what you have to say … so be sure to interact and let me know how YOU FEEL too !!  Let’s live these moments together and have some fun along the way …

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Okay … first post done … until tomorrow friends …

j. XOX


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