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Hello paper crafters!

I am up on the blog today to share a fun “kiddie craft” that I turned into a big kid craft, lol!

Squeegie Painting  was a craft I did with my daycare kids years ago to create paper easter eggs, but this time I used it to create pattern paper to cut a scrapbook background with.  It’s fun to get your hands messy with paint!!

First, grab your supplies and tape down some scrap paper or plastic to protect your table from the paint.  Choose your paint colours.  I matched my colours to the Good Stuff creative kit since I knew I’d be using this kit to complete the layout

Add drops or dribbles of each paint colour to your white cardstock randomly.  Keep in mind that darker colours will dominate and tend to muddy things so use sparingly.

Hold down a corner of your white cardstock and simply drag your squeegie across your white cardstock.  I started in the middle and worked my way to the edges, all in the same direction but you can absolutely go in varying directions.  The key,using acrylic paints, is to do this fairly quickly as the paint dries, or rather absorbs into the cardstock quickly.The more directions you pull the paint, the muddier it can get, so keep this in mind.

Now set it aside for a bit to let it fully dry . . .

Once your paint is completely dry adhere it to your Cricut mat, choose your background cut file, and cut!  I chose the Daisy Background cut file released last month.


I then adhered the cut background using the liquid Art Glitter Glue so that it laid nice and flat.

For the rest of the layout I used the cheerful Good Stuff creative kit and Add On kit …

The final result, using a photo of my kids with their grandparents, made my heart so happy!


There you have it – a fun way to step up a kiddie craft!
Andie 🌼



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