Becoming An Oil Lover

June 8, 20191 Comment

i’ve known about oils for forever … people i went to high school with (yes, all those years ago) loved them … and while they’ve certainly changed A-LOT over the years, the premise is still the same … an alternative to traditional pain relievers, nutritional aids, household cleaners and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Several years ago, i had an acquaintance who was starting to sell oils and wanted to share them with me … i just wasn’t ready … that may sound weird, but it’s true.  Until you’re ready and willing to open  your mind to the possibility of something else making a positive difference in your own little world, there is no point in trying …

… a little more than 3 years ago, a young woman that I used to coach in HER high school (not too terribly long ago) was pregnant with her first baby and looking to remove the chemicals from their daily life as much as possible.  As a mom, i got that … it made sense to me, but i STILL didn’t know if i had the time to focus on learning about something new … but then i realized that i didn’t really NOT have the time to focus on making such a positive change in our home for my family … so i started to listen …

(this is one of my FAVE walls in the house)

ENTER DoTerra … once i took the time to really listen and to read and to experiment, i fell in love with all the possibilities that incorporating essential oils into our life could offer !!

… i started small.  I purchased one of the starter kits and really got to know the products within that kit and watch them start to work in our home … and i slowly started to add more … then i saw them making a difference …. my kids were LOVING them and asking for their own diffusers for their rooms … and wanting them filled with different oils EVERY NIGHT …

If someone got a headache they were reaching for the Peppermint to rub on their temples and the base of their neck … and they were feeling better !!

… i was adding a drop of lemon to my water ALL DAY LONG and loving it … suddenly we all were adding lavender to our pillows and the bottom of our feet to sleep …

Essential Oils were becoming ESSENTIAL in our lives …

j. XOX


(if you have any questions about DoTerra Oils or where/how to purchase, please email me through this site or directly at: as i would be happy to help)

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    Scott Edwardson
    June 29, 2019 at 1:21 am

    Lavender on my pillow last night!

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